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Cheat Codes

To enter these codes go to the counter in Dexter's Diner and select the "Enter Code" option at the end.

Character Codes

These codes will unlock the characters for purchase, they do not give you them for free. There are no codes to unlock the characters that are given to you for free when playing the story.

Notably the only abilities that you cannot unlock through cheats are for opening Astromech and Protocol Droid Panels. You unlock a Protocol Droid after the very first level and can get an Astromech Droid from the first level of Episode II (which you can play immediately after the first level of Episode I).

The first two are as useful as the characters themselves as they are already unlocked by default.

Character Code Cost
Gonk Droid U63B2A 250
PK Droid R840JU 350
Battle Droid (Security) KF999A 300
Battle Droid 987UYR 200
Battle Droid (Commander) EN11K5 1,000
Droideka DH382U 10,000
Royal Guard PP43JX 800
Padmé 92UJ7D 800
Darth Maul H35TUX 15,000
Clone F8B4L6 2,000
Geonosian 19D7NB 2,000
Battle Droid (Geonosis) LK42U6 300
Super Battle Droid XZNR21 5,000
Jango Fett PL47NH 65,000
Boba Fett LA811Y 800
Luminara A725X4 20,000
Ki-Adi Mundi DP55MV 25,000
Kit Fisto CBR954 35,000
Shaak Ti EUW862 15,000
Count Dooku 14PGMN 45,000
Grievous' Bodyguard ZTY392 30,000
General Grievous SF321Y 200,000
Clone (Episode III) ER33JN 600
Clone (Episode III, Pilot) BHU72T 700
Clone (Episode III, Swamp) N3T6P8 800
Clone (Episode III, Walker) RS6E25 2,500
Mace Windu (Episode III) MS952L 30,000
Disguised Clone VR832U 2,750
Darth Sidious A32CAM 150,000
Rebel Trooper L54YUK 1,000
Princess Leia BEQ82H 50,000

Extras Codes

Unlike the Character Codes the Extra Codes do give you the Extras for free. Don't forget to turn them on in the pause menu.

Extra Code Normal Cost Description
Moustaches RP924W 150,000

Most (but not all) playable characters have a bushy moustache appear on their face.

Minikit detector LD116B 750,000

A flashing arrow points to each Minikit Canister in the current area, what counts as the same area is not always obvious, some rooms are counted while others are not.

For example in the beginning of the first level the two Protocol Droid door rooms are counted as the same area as the corridor so you can see the arrows from outside, but the Astromech Droid door room is counted as a different area and no arrows appear until you are actually inside.

Also be aware that the arrow points directly at where the Minikit will appear and does not show how to get to it or what you need to do to make it appear but it is still useful to know that you're in the right place.

The other limitation of the arrow is that if the Minikit is not within your screen's visual area you cannot see the arrow. Which means that if a Minikit is high up above you just out of view you won't be able to see the arrow for it unless you jump up and at that point you'll probably see the Minikit itself anyway.

Tea cups PUCEAT 175,000

Characters hold tea cups instead of weapons, the Brushes Extra overrides this for lightsabers but the Blaster Extras do not.

Brushes SHRUB1 200,000

Lightsabers are brushes.

Big Blasters IG72X4 50,000

Blaster characters all wield larger blasters, only one Blaster Extra can be active at a time.

Classic Blasters L449HD 75,000

Blaster characters all wield classic style blasters, only one Blaster Extra can be active at a time.

Silly Blasters NR37W1 100,000

Blaster characters all wield silly looking blasters, only one Blaster Extra can be active at a time.

Invincibility 4PR28U 1,000,000

You no longer take damage and do not lose studs if you fall off the edge or fail a timed section.

Silhouettes MS999Q 75,000

All characters and vehicles are completely solid black, even in cutscenes.

Purple YD77GC 50,000

All lightsabers and Force glow effects are purple.