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Chapter Twelve - The Unclimbable Mountain

The Unclimbable Mountain

Climb the Unclimbable Mountain

Walk forwards through the pass to where you'll find a glowing wrecked plane, smash it into smaller pieces to get some LEGO for building. This one's a multibuild but for the purposes of the story you only need to build the righthand build. Once you've done that hit the switch with Cole's Hammer and then freeze the two water spouts with Zane's Ice Spinjitzu.

Jump up the pillars to reach a quick fight with four enemies. Take the bridge to the right and continue on over another bridge past a few more enemies. Directly ahead is an ice wall.

Harness Fire Spinjitzu

Target the wall so that an icon appears then let go to melt the wall. Behind it is another wall though, use Earth Spinjitzu to smash the rest of the way through.

Climb the Unclimbable Mountain

Straight on is another ice wall, melt it with some Fire Spinjitzu then wall jump up the gap behind it, going to the left at the top. The game will explain how to use Fire Spinjitzu on Gold LEGO, there's some dangling off a beam for you to melt in order to create a rope swing point. Jump along the pillars to where you'll see a sign with a bell on it pointing to the left.

Follow that sign and hit the glowing object in front of the bell to get some LEGO that will build a wheel for you to turn in order to ring the bell. Double back past the sign to the newly created wall run over the large gap, on the other side hop onto some icy pillars and then along a wall and a rope swing.

Wind your way up to the right where there's a large broken statue with some ice in front of it, defeat the enemies and then use Fire Spinjitzu to melt the ice and demolish the rest of the statue.

Ignore where the head rolled off to, that's more for in Free Play, instead veer off to the left to where there's a puzzle to solve. For the first part you must rotate the statue around so that it is facing the chute, that requires you to hit the Spinjitzu target on the left side twice. Once you've done that go over to the right where there's a red circle and jump and grab the handle above it, that'll release an orb which will roll down the chute and into the statue's mouth. Hit the Spinjitzu target again to face the statue at the red door then step onto the red circle in front of the statue to fire the orb.


Through the opened gate follow the path to the left where you'll encounter some enemies at the bottom of an icy slope.

Defeat the Mountain Guardians

After defeating the twelve guardians a cave will open up to the left of the slope, defeat the last guardian and then use Garmadon to pull the switch inside to turn the slope into some steps.

Climb the Unclimbable Mountain

Up the steps we go, turn left and then run along a horizontal wooden wall to some pillars and a rope swing. Straight on you'll see a red door with three coloured pictures above it with Spinjitzu targets beneath them. To open the door you must first use Water Spinjitzu on the jar on the right to reveal the colour combination that'll unlock the door, once you know that hit the Spinjitzu targets until the pictures above them are the correct colours.

Behind the combination door is an archway blocked by ice, use Fire Spinjitzu to clear the way. Hop, swing, and wall run through the passage and out the other side. Follow the path up towards some more red archways and take the first bridge on the left over to where there's a glowing green spot. Once you've gotten rid of the enemies use Lloyd's Green Spinjitzu on the lion statue and the other two bits of rubble to its right.

Walk over the rope to complete the chapter.

Chapter Thirteen - Flashback Battle

The Battlefield

Destroy the Siege Equipment

The task here is to defeat the enemies in front of the siege engines and then to destroy the siege engines. You'll need to use Garmadon to smash the Warlord LEGO that's in front of each of them, build the firework from the LEGO that falls out and then jump on the buttons to signal the catapult.

Defeat the Enemy Forces

After that some siege towers will roll forwards a little and more enemies will pop out, defeat a couple of waves of them and the middle tower will open up so you can face Captain Oroku.

Defeat Captain Oroku

He's got a spinning attack but isn't anything special. After defeating him the top of the siege tower will be blown up and drop some LEGO on the floor, build those pieces into rockets to boost the tower away to form a bridge.

Cross the bridge that formed out of the siege tower and defeat the skeleton enemies on the other side, once they're gone another pair of skeletons will roll down the slope on some barrels and smash through the gate to let you continue onwards.

At the top a gate will be shut in your face, turn to the right and run up a wall to get up to the catapult. Turn the wheel to turn it and then use Garmadon to pull the Warlord switch to fire it at the closed gate in order to blow it up.

Defeat the Enemy Forces

Another load of enemies will appear, go through the smashed open gate to take them on. Watch out for the lava pool at the back when attacking the ranged enemies.

Defeat Sergeant Mazu

Another mini-boss of no real strength, take him out like any other enemy. Once he's gone the spikes blocking the way will be blown up. Follow the path behind there, jump over a bit of lava, all the way to the top. There's a few more enemies up here but what you're looking for is a glowing target on a crane, shoot it as Lady Iron Dragon to get the parts for some fire bellows.

Build up the large ballista from the parts that appear after blowing up the wall and use Garmadon to pull it back to shoot a tightrope over there.

Defeat the Enemy Forces

Walk over the wire and jump down at the end, defeat a few more enemies and then grapple a chandelier hanging above a large group of skeletons standing still. Beyond them you'll see some LEGO to build, have Garmadon pull out the switch and then use Lady Iron Dragon's crossbow to shoot the target that appears high up (stand back to get a good angle on it). Wall jump up behind the gate and then wall run up to the final part of the chapter.

Defeat General Shen

This one's a little bit more of an actual fight than the others you've fought in the chapter, but only just. His hammer attack leaves him winded for a short time and is perfect for attacking him straight after. But be careful not to attack for too long as when he gets back up he swings his hammer backwards which will immediately hurt you. Keep attacking him when he's vulnerable while taking out the other regular enemies inbetween, when he's defeated that's the chapter complete.


Travel to the Ancient Temple

Nothing more than stepping in that green light up the stairs, aka Ninjago City Downtown.