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Chapter Six - The Ninjas Defeated

Ninjago City Docks

Find the other Ninjas

Run up the red wall ahead of you then along the wall going to the left with a jump to a rope swing and then straight up another wall. From there head to the right, jump up to another long horizontal wall run, as you approach it you'll see a piranha bot appear in the area below.

Zip down the line and straight ahead you'll see a few enemies come running out of a gate, defeat them then wall jump where they came out of to get up onto the roof. On the left side is a tether which you'll want to use Lloyd's Slash attack to destroy. That'll smash the hotdog van below into pieces you can use to build either a hotdog missile on Jay's broken mech or a Merry-go-round made of hotdogs. Use Jay's Flail to activate whichever one you chose to clear the path ahead.

Rescue Cole

As you go through the gap behind where the piranha bot was you'll be shown where Cole is stuck. Take out the enemies that get dropped off then go up the wall to the left. Jump to a narrow beam on top of a small building to reach the next wall run before jumping up to the higher area on the left and doubling back along a horizontal wall run. Jump up the handholds and then across a gap in a narrow beam before performing one more horizontal wall run to reach a zipline.

You'll smash through the pink sign below Cole's mech which gives you a quicker way back up here if you fall off. Ignore the glowing green switch below the mech as you'll need to free Cole first. Go up the walls on the left side and have both Lloyd and Jay grapple him free from his mech.

Rescue Kai

As Cole jump down and hit that green Hammer button to open up an elevator shaft. Use the bar to get up on top of the elevator that has dropped down so you can jump up and wall run up the left wall of the elevator shaft to enter the parking garage.

A few enemies will blast in through the window, take out all six of them and another ship will appear at the window. Use the dancing LEGO pieces to build a large grappling hook that you can then shoot at the ship using Jay's Flail. That'll create a ramp that you can use to get over onto the toppled white building. Cross over to get to where Kai's mech is, defeat a couple of enemies before going up the stairs on the right to where there's a Hammer switch for Cole to hit. Build the left multi-build to put out the fire and rescue Kai.

Find Nya and Zane

The fog can be cleared using Kai's Dual Swords on the switch to the right of it, have him use the switch and then switch to another character while still holding the swords down, that second character can then just press a button to turn off the steam.

Go down the slope and take a right, wall run along with a transfer and a rope swing to reach the road. Take a left and you'll encounter a closed gate with a glowing object in front of it. Smash it to build a Flail switch for Jay to open the gate.

Follow the road all the way down to another identical looking glass gate, this time smash two objects in front of it to build the things on the wall and then use the Flail switch that was already there. There's Zane!

Rescue Zane

Defeat a few enemies in front of Zane's mech then hit the container next to him with Lloyd's Slash attack. Build a firework out of the parts then launch it with Cole's Hammer to free Zane.

Rescue Nya

Behind Zane's mech is the path to follow, back there there's a few flying clam enemies to take out before you shoot the targets on the door, you'll spot Nya as you go through. To get up to her venture further forwards, take a quick left and then run up a wall on your right next to the pier. Jump over the gap and then over a couple of balance platforms before making your way up onto the thin ledge on the sloped roofs. A few more balance poles to jump across to finish the chapter.


  • Gold Brick - Location Complete
  • Blind Bag - Lloyd
  • Blind Bag - Jay
  • Blind Bag - Master Wu
  • Steel Weapons Unlocked
Travel to the Uncrossable Jungle

Facing away from the water smash the glowing object to the right of the ramp, that'll give you some LEGO bricks to build a staff switch that you'll need to switch to Master Wu to open. You can now reach the Uncrossable Jungle by walking into the glowing green light down the steps.