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Episode II


  • There is unrest in the Galactic
  • Senate. Several thousand solar
  • systems have declared their
  • intentions to leave the Republic.
  • This seperatist movement,
  • under the leadership of the
  • mysterious Count Dooku, has
  • made it difficult for the limited
  • number of Jedi Knights to
  • maintain peace and order in the
  • galaxy.
  • Senator Amidala, the former
  • Queen of Naboo, is returning
  • to the Galactic Senate to vote
  • on the critical issue of creating
  • to assist the overwhelemed
  • Jedi....

A Royal Threat

Coruscant, Federal District

Grab a taxi to get to the Coruscant Senate Building.

Coruscant, Federal District, Coruscant Senate Building

Once there go inside and talk to Chancellor Palpatine to get the story moving.

Coruscant, Federal District

[Anakin Skywalker (Episode II - Cape) Unlocked]

[Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode II) Unlocked]

[Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode II - Robe) Unlocked]

Follow Padmé from the taxi rank back to her apartment to the east and head inside. Once in her apartment you can start the first level.

  1. Continue to the Senate Building in the Federal District
  2. Escort Padmé to her residence
  3. Check on Padmé in her quarters

Chapter 1

A Wrestle with Wesell

True Jedi

And we're straight into a vehicle level. Start chasing after Zam Wesell as she escapes in her speeder. This level is fairly straightforward, you just need to shoot her down to complete it. You can't stop or turn around and she can't actually escape from you so there's not even a need to use the accelerator. If you lose track of her just look for the red square target.

Along the way you'll want to roll to avoid her attacks when you see a red line pointing at you (you'll still get hit but you shouldn't take any/much damage) and avoid flying through the sparkling debris from explosions she sets off as she goes. And don't fly through the buildings, she will and civilians will but you'll explode if you try to.

After flying through the streets for a while she'll enter an area with lots of power couplings along the floor and will fly through them in an attempt to get you to follow while they're active. You can instead just fly over or around them or just shoot them first.

Entering a tunnel after the power coupling area it'll be a little trickier to avoid the explosive debris she leaves behind but just keep on shooting her.

Leaving the tunnel you'll be back flying through the streets until you manage to shoot her down. You won't actually be able to blow up her ship before you reach this section as the game will stop letting you damage her at certain health points if you haven't reached particular points in the level yet.

Level Objectives
  1. Shoot down the escaping assassin's ship
Level Challenges
Jedi Need Insurance
Cause over 70,000 studs in damage.
This isn't literally asking you to earn 70,000 studs it's just asking you to shoot loads of billboards and pylons and vehicles.
Best Pilot in the Galaxy
Defeat Zam Wesell without hitting any buildings.
Just avoid the buildings.
This is a Shortcut
Complete the chase and defeat Zam Wesell within 4 minutes.
The faster you get to the last section the faster you can shoot her down as she's impossible to destroy beforehand. So make sure to use the accelerator at least until you get there.

Minikit 1/5 - Maybe Just One More Time

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 1/5

Ignore Obi-Wan's advice about this particular power coupling!

Above the pylons at the end of the power coupling area, just before the tunnel section. Destroy one of the pylons to get it.

Minikit 2/5 - Shiny Hologram Edition

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 2/5

Collect the whole set!

Fly through a giant hologram of a minikit along the right-hand side after you leave the tunnel. Note that the "rumour" descriptions for the 2nd and 4th minikits appear to have been swapped.

Minikit 3/5 - Fresh Off the Van

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 3/5

No time to wait for this delivery!

Shoot crates on a flying forklift above the power coupling area.

Minikit 4/5 - Instant Delivery

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 4/5

That minikit hologram looks like it could be hiding something... But what?!

Shoot three coloured holographic minikits after you leave the tunnel.

Minikit 5/5 - Advertising Overload

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 5/5

Too many ads around here... Someone should do something about that!

Shoot one of the small vertical billboards found throughout the last part of the level while it has the yellow and pink advert for a minikit displayed.

Naboo Royal Cruiser

Naboo Royal Cruiser
Character Unlocks
- Anakin Skywalker (Episode II)
35,000 Zam Wesell (Human)
35,000 Zam Wesell (Alien Face)

  • DRAMA! After a failed
  • assassination attempt,
  • placed in the protection of
  • OBI-WAN KENOBI and Jedi
  • dreamboat, ANAKIN
  • Their services were immediately
  • required, as an assassin targeted
  • the Senator once again. The Jedi
  • captured the assassin, but could
  • not get any answers, as a
  • mysterious figure silenced her
  • from afar with a poison dart. The
  • assassin got assassinated.
  • Assassinception!
  • With this dart now the only lead,
  • Obi-Wan sends Anakin away so
  • he can do big boy detective stuff
  • with R4. If he is to crack the case,
  • Obi-Wan must use all the
  • resources and connections at his
  • disposal....

Coruscant, Uscru District

Missing Pieces

[R4-P17 Unlocked]

[Jedi Starfighter Unlocked]

[Jedi Interceptor Unlocked]

Follow the markers to Dex's Diner and head inside. Glitch warning! If you go and do something else before starting this the marker may not be there. If that has happened to you then close the game and re-open it and that should fix the problem.

Talk to Dex and he'll ask you to help serve his customers their orders before he'll help you. The way to do this is to talk to each customer and they'll tell you what they ordered, go pick up the corresponding item from the counter and place it next to them.

Once you've given them all their food Dex will come back out and you can talk to him to learn of Kamino.

Exit the diner and make your way to the Jedi Temple by first taking a taxi to the Federal District. Once you get there turn around and get straight back into the taxi to take it to the Jedi Temple.

Coruscant, Federal District, Jedi Temple

Follow the markers inside and enter the Jedi Archives to look up the location of Kamino. You'll need to solve an Astromech puzzle to do so.

After listening to Yoda go to the Galaxy Map and fly to Kamino Space.

Kamino, Kamino Space

Point your ship at the icon on the planet and head on down to Tipoca City.

Kamino, Tipoca City

The very first Kaminoan at the door will be who you're looking for. Talk to Lama Su and then follow him inside and take a tour of the facility.

Eventually you'll reach Jango's room.

Bounty Hunter Blues

Follow Jango outside to a landing pad where he'll be waiting for you. The fight with him is mostly just running up to him and swiping at him with your lightsaber. Avoid the red markers where his son is shooting at you from his ship while you're doing that.

Once you've whittled down his health you'll want to either take a long run back through the facility to get to your ship or just open the Galaxy Map and instantly fly up to Kamino Space.

Kamino, Kamino Space

You'll find a marker in space that will start the second level. Apparently this can glitch and not appear, if it does so you may be able to fix it by first flying to Mos Espa.

  1. Enquire about the dart at Dex's Diner in Coruscant's Uscru District
  2. Speak to Dex
  3. Take the orders to the correct customers for Dex
  4. Ask Dex about the dart
  5. Research the planet Kamino in the Jedi Archives
  6. Listen to Master Yoda
  7. Search for Kamino in the Rishi Maze sector
  8. Look for someone on Kamino with information on the mysterious bounty hunter
  9. Take a tour of the Kamino cloning facilities
  10. Apprehend Jango Fett
  11. Defeat Jango Fett
  12. Follow the homing beacon to find Jango Fett

Chapter 2

The Hunt for Jango

True Jedi

Another vehicle level with a singular purpose: to shoot Jango Fett's Starship (no it's never been called Slave I who told you that?!).

First of all to find him you're going to want to head towards the large yellow radar circle inside one of the asteroids. When you get close Jango will blast away and you'll be able to give chase. Keep shooting him (follow the red marker if you lose track visually) until both the white and red bars are depleted. Along the way you'll want to either shoot down or roll out of the way of any missiles he fires at you.

With his first shield icon gone he'll fly away and hide again. Go towards the new large yellow radar circle to find him hiding inside another asteroid. You'll be able to see his flashing red light giving away his position. Chase after him through the asteroid while continuing to shoot him. Carry on outside until he's down to his last life.

You guessed it, he's off hiding in an asteroid again. Approach the one with the yellow radar circle around it and look for his flashing red light again. All that remains to do is finish him off to complete the level.

Level Objectives
  1. Search among the asteroids for Jango Fett
  2. Attack Jango Fett's ship!
  3. Search among the asteroids for Jango Fett
  4. Attack Jango Fett's ship!
  5. Search among the asteroids for Jango Fett
  6. Attack Jango Fett's ship!
Level Challenges
Do an Aileron Roll!
Perform a roll to dodge incoming homing missiles locked on to your ship 3 times
Charged up
Complete the level without being hit by a Seismic Charge
Flying is for Droids
Navigate through the tunnel within the largest asteroid without crashing
The largest asteroid would be the asteroid that Jango hides in the second time.

Minikit 1/5 - No Reception

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 1/5

Those satellites belong to the Trade Federation on Geonosis. Wipe them out!

Blow up five satellites scattered throughout the asteroid field.

Minikit 2/5 - Mini-Comet

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 2/5

What an oddly-shaped asteroid...

Shoot a rocky looking minikit floating about above the first large asteroid.

Minikit 3/5 - Rock On

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 3/5

Mind how you go around the larger asteroids...

Underneath the first large asteroid that Jango hides in.

Minikit 4/5 - Tunnel Vision

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 4/5

Only capable pilots can navigate asteroid tunnels. And only capable-r pilots can find goodies hidden inside!

Inside the second asteroid that Jango hides in, take the first right.

Minikit 5/5 - I Wanna Rock

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 5/5

Eyes peeled for anything of value in that asteroid field...

A shiny minikit just floating around out there near the third large asteroid.

Jango's Starship

Jango's Starship

Based on set Mini Slave I

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi's investigation
  • led him all the way to KAMINO.
  • There, he discovered that a Clone
  • army was being produced and
  • that it was apparently sanctioned
  • by the Jedi. Yeah, fat chance!
  • Obi-Wan suspected that the
  • Clone's original host, JANGO
  • FETT, was behind Padmé
  • Amidala's assassination
  • attempts. When confronting
  • Jango himself, his suspicions
  • were confirmed and the bounty
  • hunter fled to Geonosis. But you
  • can't slip ol' Kenobi that easily.
  • Obi-Wan landed on Geonosis to
  • discover the presence of the
  • Separatist leaders, including
  • COUNT DOOKU. After
  • overhearing a plot to attack the
  • Republic with a droid army,
  • Obi-Wan is now in great danger....


Naboo, Theed

[Padmé (Silver Cape) Unlocked]

[Jar Jar (Senator) Unlocked]

We join Padmé and Anakin in Theed but then immediately fly off to Mos Espa on Tatooine. You can run all the way to the Theed Hangar or you can use the Galaxy Map to get there instantly.

Tatooine, Mos Espa

Walk through Mos Espa to talk to Watto. He'll tell you that he sold Shmi to a moisture farmer and that you'll be able to find her in the desert. Head back to your ship where there's a taxi speeder that you can take to get to the Jundland Wastes.

Tatooine, Jundland Wastes

You'll meet up with C-3PO at the farm which is dead ahead from where you arrive.

The Tusken Raid

[C-3PO (Rusted) Unlocked]

Take him with you as you head into the canyons to find the Tusken Raiders who have taken Anakin's mother. It's not far in, find the marker and continue with the story.

Distress Signal

Tatooine Space

[H-type Nubian Yacht Unlocked]

After the cutscene you'll be in space around Tatooine, nothing needs to be done here except to head on over to Geonosis and land at the Stalgasin Hive.

Geonosis, Stalgasin Hive

Another trail to follow through some canyons. It'll lead all the way to the Droid Foundry entrance where you'll need to use Anakin's Force powers to lift up a couple of arms holding a hatch shut. Jump down the hole and enter the marker to start the next level.

  1. Check on Anakin's mother in Mos Espa
  2. Continue the search for Anakin's mother at the moisture farm near the Jundland Wastes
  3. Go to the Tusken Raider camp
  4. Search the Tusken Raider camp for Anakin's mother
  5. Save Obi-Wan from the droid foundries on Geonosis

Chapter 3

Droid Factory Frenzy

True Jedi

Immediately you're under attack, either use the ranged lightsaber throwing attack or switch to Padmé to shoot the Geonosians. After a couple of waves of attackers you'll automatically switch to R2-D2 and C-3PO.

You can switch back and forth between the two groups whenever you like but there's little point in controlling the wrong pair. Smash the glowing crate and have C-3PO reassemble it into a bridge so that he can get across to another crate that he can assemble an Astromech panel from.

Use R2-D2 to solve the Astromech panel in order to power up the first power cell. Switch back to Anakin and use the Force to pick up the second cell and bring it next to the powered up one. Hold it there until the electricity starts surrounding it and then put it back into place. That'll open the door at the end of the conveyor for Anakin and Padmé to jump down.

Time for some classic random crusher running! Simply wait for the crushers to go up before immediately running under them heading to the left. At the end take a right and continue down the conveyor through a bunch of arms and a few Geonosians. At he end of that one you'll see somebody shut the power off preventing you from going any further. Switch back to the droids to continue.

Go back across the bridge that C-3PO made and walk around the now active arms as you too jump down to a lower layer of conveyor belts. Ignore the droids being assembled and just before the blue forcefield barrier take a right and wait for a full bucket of junk to use as a platform to jump across the gap. Again ignore the enemies and weave back to the first belt using another full bucket so that you're inbetween a pair of blue forcefields where there's a pipe you can smash.

If you smash the junk in the area behind there you can assemble the controls for a turret. Use it to shoot some Gold LEGO blocking a cart and then defeat the angry Geonosian that attacks you. Have R2-D2 use the Astromech panel to get the cell powered up.

Back as Padmé and Anakin jump up the moving doors and have Anakin lightsaber through the wall on the left. Destroy the machinery behind it to get the LEGO to build a Hero panel for Padmé to use. That will shut down the blue forcefields but also wake the Battle Droids.

As you head down the conveyor belt you'll see a trio of Super Battle Droids and then a swarm of Geonosians will drop in to say hello. Defeat them all then jump onto the zipline at the end to the right to meet up with the droids. Assemble a couple of bars for Padmé and Anakin to jump and grab onto at the same time.

So close! As R2-D2 move along the conveyor through a few more Battle Droids (you'll be ignored) and grapple across the gap at the end. Solve the Astromech panel to complete the level.

Level Objectives
  1. Defend yourself from the attacking Geonosian guards
  2. Find a route through the droid factory
  3. Find a way out of the droid factory
  4. Save Padmé!
Level Challenges
No Hanging Around
Find a way to rescue Padmé within 30 seconds.
Mind Control Drone
Turn Geonosians against each other with Jedi Mind Tricks.
Zipping Past Danger
Find a shortcut over a conveyor belt.
At the end of the crushers jump on the last crusher and up some bars to then use the zipline at the top.

Minikit 1/5 - Factory Sample

Requires: Ranged Attack Story Mode: Yes Minikit 1/5

Ahh... Nothing beats that new minikit smell!

On a moving hanger right before the blue forcefields. You'll need to shoot a target on one side of it when it stops by the forcefields.

Minikit 2/5 - Art Critic

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 2/5

Such amazing artwork is too good for this world. You'll have to break it!

Next to the turret used by C-3PO and R2-D2 to blow up some Gold LEGO is a robot arm painting, wait until it paints a Minikit. Smash the painting and then build the Minikit from the LEGO.

Minikit 3/5 - Smuggler Juggler

Requires: Villain Grenade, Grapple Story Mode: No Minikit 3/5

This droid is never going to drop anything without some interference...

Blow up some Silver LEGO on the left side of the final conveyor belt and then grapple the Minikit free.

Minikit 4/5 - Conveyor Belt Backtrack

Requires: Bounty Hunter Story Mode: No Minikit 4/5

Sometimes you've just got to go against the flow!

Immediately after the crushers take a left down the opposite direction on the conveyor and then use a Bounty Hunter to melt some Gold LEGO blocking a ladder to reach the Minikit.

Minikit 5/5 - Fancy Fan Fix-up

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 5/5

While you're here, why not fix up some of this dodgy machinery?

At the crushers jump on top of the first one and use it to reach the Minikit in the air after it.

Jedi Starfighter

Jedi Starfighter

Based on set 75006

Character Unlocks
- Padmé (Ship)
35,000 B1 Battle Droid (Geonosis)

  • Following a harrowing vision
  • about sand, and an even worse
  • one about his mother, Anakin and
  • Padmé travelled to Tatooine.
  • However their worst fears were
  • realised as the planet was still
  • covered in sand. But also, his
  • mother had fallen victim to the
  • Tusken Raiders! Anakin will
  • remember this.
  • Obi-Wan, in full stealth mode on
  • Geonosis, sent a message to the
  • Jedi sharing his findings. Ignoring
  • Mace Windu's instruction to do
  • otherwise, Anakin and Padmé
  • embarked to save Obi-Wan from
  • the Separatists.
  • However, while navigating the
  • dangerous droid foundries, they
  • were captured by JANGO FETT
  • and found themselves also in
  • need of rescuing. Now MACE
  • WINDU and his fellow Jedi are
  • preparing to clean up the mess....

Jedi Rescue

Coruscant, Federal District

[Mace Windu Unlocked]

[Kit Fisto Unlocked]

[Ki-Adi-Mundi Unlocked]

Time to immediately fly off to the Stalgasin Hive on Geonosis again.

Geonosis, Stalgasin Hive

Going in through the front door this time. It's slightly north-east and through a small crowd of Geonosians to get to the marker to start the next level.

  1. Travel to Geonosis to rescue Obi-Wan

Chapter 4

Petranaki Panic

True Jedi

First up you'll want to free Padmé, Anakin, and Obi-Wan. You do that by punching the target on top of their columns. You can double jump from one to the other directly so you don't even need to go down to the ground to do it.

After you've freed them it's time to start defeating the creatures that have been set on you. The Reek is the large brown rhino-like animal, it'll occasionally charge forwards or smash its head down in front of it so make sure to move out of the way of those attacks while you pummel it.

The Nexu is a smaller cat-like beast whose attacks including swiping with its claws, jumping backwards and then pouncing at you, and appearing to charge but then getting stunned and doing nothing.

Lastly the Acklay is the spider-like monster, hit its legs while staying out of the attack zone in front of it.

Once all three are dead you'll switch to Mace Windu and start fighting droids. After a short time Jango Fett will join in, your task for the rest of the level is to simply defeat him.

To fight Jango you either throw your lightsaber at him or you run up to him and whack him with it. The hardest part is keeping track of him and getting to him before he flies off again. He will occasionally fire some netting at you that you'll have to struggle out of and there's the odd rocket to dodge. But all in all just a load of lightsaber swiping and you're done (you can just ignore everything else going on around you).

Level Objectives
  1. Defeat the Reek, Nexu and Acklay!
  2. Defeat Jango Fett!
Level Challenges
In Their Heads!
Cause either the Nexu, Reek or Acklay to damage another of the creatures by using the Force.
Rumble in the Arena
Trample through 20 droids whilst riding the Reek.
Use the Force to hit an enemy with one of Jango's Rockets.

Minikit 1/5 - Gate Expectations

Requires: Astromech Story Mode: No Minikit 1/5

There must be a way to open that main gate...

Use an Astromech panel to open a door on the western side of the arena

Minikit 2/5 - Big Bully!

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes Minikit 2/5

Looks like someone's had some fun in the sand. Ruin it!

Smash five sandcastles around the edge of the arena

Minikit 3/5 - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Requires: Scavenger Breaker Blaster Story Mode: No Minikit 3/5

Something's stashed behind one of the entrance doors.

Use a Scavenger's Breaker Blaster on a door on the western side of the arena

Minikit 4/5 - Turret Target Tasks

Requires: Villain Grenade Story Mode: No Minikit 4/5

A turret can be used for more than taking down the arena creatures!

Blow up a metal object in the arena with a villain grenade and build a turret. Then use it to shoot five green targets in the stands.

Minikit 5/5 - Fancy Door, Fancy Contents!

Requires: Villain Grenade Story Mode: No Minikit 5/5

If the door is silver, there must be something even better behind it!

Blow up a metal door in the south-eastern corner of the arena with a villain grenade.

Republic Assault Ship

Republic Assault Ship

Partially based on set 75033

Character Unlocks
- Padmé (Clawed)
200,000 Jango Fett
200,000 Jango Fett (Casual)

  • Held captive on Geonosis,
  • Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padmé
  • were destined to become chew
  • toys for the Petranakai Arena's
  • deadly creatures. However, Mace
  • Windu and the other Jedi bravely
  • arrived to battle the Separatist
  • regime.
  • The ensuing battle filled the arena
  • with Jedi, but the Separatists
  • were seemingly able to produce
  • more and more droids to fight
  • with... Almost as if they had a
  • droid factory just next door!
  • When all seemed lost, Master
  • Yoda and the Clone army stormed
  • in and turned the tide. However, in
  • the midst of battle, COUNT
  • DOOKU escaped forcing the Jedi
  • to give chase....

On Dooku's Trail

Geonosis, Stalgasin Hive

Approach the marker and get continuing with the story already. Your destination is up the ramp ahead, follow it around to the left to meet up with some crashed Clone Troopers.

Smash up the crashed ship and build yourself a fun little trampoline that you can use to get up to the entrance to Count Dooku's stronghold.

  1. Pursue Count Dooku
  2. Find a way to reach Count Dooku's stronghold

Chapter 5

The Battle of the Jedi

True Jedi

You have a choice here on how to proceed. You can either use the Force to stack up the crates to reach the switch above the door, or you can smash a crate to the right of the door then pick up the power cell and plug it into the socket next to Dooku's speeder and smash open the door that way.

Either way defeat the Geonosians that come through and advance forwards over a bridge and into a dark tunnel. Follow the path up until you meet a few Geonosians in the darkness. Defeat them and then smash the crates just behind them. You have a choice here to either build a Light Trap or a LR1K Sonic Cannon. Both will get the job done so it's up to you. If you choose the cannon you'll have to shoot it yourself though (just one blast).

And now for the battle! You'll immediately want to defend yourself and then dodge out of the way of his attack before you start to attack him back. He'll quite often jump away and either zoom back in or throw his lightsaber, the throw will move with you until it's set but the charge position will be set immediately so you've got longer to move.

Once you've depleted his life bar he'll run away and jump up to a higher position. Defeat the small group of Geonosians he sets on you before using the Force to roll up and break some pipes off the wall beneath him. Once both parts are removed you can use your lightsaber to climb the wall to reach Dooku where you'll straight away have to defend against his attack.

The room will be plunged into darkness, wander around for a little while until he reappears and the second part of the fight begins. First smash his attacks and then redirect the Force Lightning back at him by moving the target over him. Then you're back to lightsaber fighting pretty much exactly the same as the first part.

After he jumps away again it's time to defeat a few more Geonosians and rip some more yellow pipes off a wall. But instead of climbing it this time you just smash it with your lightsaber.

Find Count Dooku in the darkness for the second time and again defend against his attacks once you do. Repeat depleting his health until about halfway where you'll get into a clash with no quicktime event, when this happens switch to Anakin and go smack Dooku in the back.

Time for Yoda to finish this health bar off. Defend against his attack and then swipe the rest of his bar down until he once again jumps off to a high spot. Roll up the pipes and lightsaber-climb on up. Counter the attack and then wander the darkness until you find him again.

More attack countering in the darkness before reflecting his Force Lightning back at him for the second time. Now all that remains to do is finish off his last health bar and defend against his final attack to complete the level and the episode.

Level Objectives
  1. Pursue Count Dooku
  2. Find a way to reach Count Dooku's stronghold
  3. Find a route to Dooku's hangar
  4. Fight Count Dooku!
Level Challenges
The Dark Side
Reach Dooku within 5 minutes
Bug Zapper
Build the 'Electric Fly Trap' to rid the cave area of Geonosian Warriors.
Forcing Them Out
Use the Force to defeat a Geonosian Warrior and a Battle Droid
To even find any Battle Droids in this level you'll need to use the shortcut on the other side of the bridge, just before the dark tunnel. Smash some bars on the left wall and use your lightsaber to climb up to some poles you can jump to. Round the other side you'll find some Battle Droids.

Minikit 1/5 - Scavenger Hunt

Requires: Scavenger Net Story Mode: No Minikit 1/5

Top tip: Scavengers can access hard-to-reach areas with their crafting ability.

Use a Scavenger to fire a net at the wall on the left side at the start of the level. Double jump up onto it (or use nearby items to jump off) and then onto a swing bar and finally up onto the ledge at the top of the room where the Minikit is located.

Minikit 2/5 - Gold Digger

Requires: Bounty Hunter Story Mode: No Minikit 2/5

Make use of high-powered weapons to retrieve this minikit!

Have a Bounty Hunter melt some Gold LEGO to the right of the bridge after you break through the first door.

Minikit 3/5 - Cave Dweller

Requires: Scavenger Breaker Blaster Story Mode: No Minikit 3/5

These caves are just begging to be scavenged...

Use a Scavenger's Breaker Blaster to blast open a cracked wall in the dark hallway section.

Minikit 4/5 - Bug Repellent

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes/No Minikit 4/5

There must be a way to deal with the infestation in the hangar...

In the Dooku fight room use a villain door and build a sonic cannon. Use it to shoot the four Geonosians that appear.

Minikit 5/5 - Lost and Found

Requires: None Story Mode: Yes/No Minikit 5/5

There's bound to be some good loot among all that loose cargo in the hangar!

Smash through some crates and bars in front of the minikit hiding on the floor to the left of where Dooku first jumps.

Count Dooku's Solar Sailer

Count Dooku's Solar Sailer
Character Unlocks
- Yoda
35,000 Jango Fett (Clone)
35,000 Clone Trooper (Commander)
35,000 Clone Trooper (Lieutenant)
35,000 Clone Trooper (Sergeant)
200,000 Count Dooku
200,000 Palpatine (Senator)

Episode III soon...