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Chapter Nine - Ambush City

The Dark Ravine

Harness Ice Spinjitzu

Move forwards towards the small waterfall and use Zane's Ice Spinjitzu to freeze it, it'll turn into a wall that you can run up. Freeze the next waterfall and run up that too. At the top is a Garmadon Cage Pad, but as Garmadon is in a cage and can't run up walls you'll have to do something to get him up here before you can use it.

To the right you should see a grapple point next to an elevator, pull the cart down to get the pieces to fix the elevator before using Spinjitzu on the target you've built. Hit it again once Garmadon has got on to bring him up, switch to him and step on the Garmadon Cage Pad to open the door.

After heading through the door follow the path along to some pillars you can jump along, go up the slope to the left to encounter some skeletons rising from the ground. Defeat the five of them and a wall run will become usable, go up it then freeze the large waterfall with some Ice Spinjitzu.

Wall run across the waterfall to a pole spin and then ove some pillars and up a wall. Here you'll find some cracked LEGO that you can use Cole's Earth Spinjitzu on. Hop across the pillars and cross over a bridge to reach a Spinjitzu target, hit it twice to bring Garmadon over. Use Garmadon and stand on the floor button on the right side to bring up another Spinjitzu target which will summon the second cable car over. Have Garmadon go over and stand on another Garmadon Cage Pad on the other side.


Walk along the thin rail and hop over the pillar to get over the gap, follow the path as it curves to the left past some skeletons rising from their graves and over some more red pillars. Freeze a waterfall with Ice Spinjitzu that will form platforms to jump up rather than a wall to run up. At the top curve around to the right as you jump down a set of pillars to where you encounter some spiders.

After clearing out the spiders use Cole's Earth Spinjitzu to smash the cracked LEGO by the water and then Zane's Ice Spinjitzu to freeze the waterfall behind it. There's a few skeletons to defeat at the top, after them wall run along the wooden wall at the back and then fight a few more spiders before jumping along a series of pole spins. Smash a glowing box to get the pieces for a Spinjitzu target that you can use to bring Garmadon over.

Open up the next Garmadon Cage Pad door and start hopping over the pillars, they'll take you to a small skeleton fight. Follow the path along until you reach where you'll need to use Lloyd's Slash ability to chop down some vines blocking the way. Past some spiders you'll find some glowing barrels, smash them to get the parts to build a water barrel.

Harness Water Spinjitzu

Use Nya's newly learned Water Spinjitzu to fill the barrel on the right to open the door.

Traverse the Ravine

Go past an elevator (which will clearly be for Garmadon) to a wall that you can run up. At the top go to the right, at the top of the elevator you can use some Water Spinjitzu on a container to bring Garmadon up straight away. Head on over to activate the next Garmadon Cage Pad past some skeletons.

The next room has a whole series of water containers to fill, each one will raise up a platform for you to get slightly further across the room and be able to reach another container to fill with water. On the other side use Garmadon to open the Cage Pad after defeating a spider and a couple of bats.

Escape the Dark Ravine

Straight on you'll find some bricks that can be used to build a Water Spinjitzu target at the base of a statue. Use Water Spinjitzu on it and the one opposite to get some water flowing. Switch to Zane and use Ice Spinjitzu to freeze the two spouts. Slide down the frozen slope and take out the eight skeletons that appear at the bottom to finish the chapter.


Travel to The Lost City of Generals

Just step into that green glowing circle to reach the Lost City of Generals.