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Chapter One - Good Morning Ninjago

Ninjago City Approach

And we're straight into a very simple flying sequence. Shoot the enemies when they get in front of you until you've shot the fifteen the game requires of you. You can change the vertical axis in the pause menu if you find that you fly better with forwards moving you down rather than up.

And yeah, that's it for the chapter.

Chapter Two - Ninjas! Assemble!

Ninjago City North

Locate Kai and Cole's Mechs

Follow the blue marker across the gap onto the next roof, then again over a gap to a third roof. Here you'll find your first group of enemies, there's a guy in a shark costume who's a bit tougher so you'll want to use the double jump and slam Swooping Hawk attack on him. Once the Jelly Sub appears start building with the bricks next to you, it'll create a catapult that takes out the mech.

Jump over the gap and into the side of the next building that has opened up for you.

Reach the Ninja Mechs

Smash the glowing printer next to the window to build a machine that cuts the window. Then use Cole's Hammer to hit it open and then jump out of it.

Attack the group of enemies that come out of the dropship, after a couple of waves of regular enemies you'll be attacked by a trio of flying clamshell enemies that you can use the Floating Butterfly attack to destroy. Several more waves of enemies will appear before you get a cutscene of some of the enemies throwing a helmet around. Once you defeat the guys that jump down to you you'll be able to build a rocket and use Cole's hammer weapon to launch it.

Climb up the revealed red wall by jumping at it. At the top perform a wall run along the next red wall going to the left, then it's a series of jumps across lampposts and a swing over to a zipline over the river.


For this token you get the freedom to make your own choice, you can't change your mind later but you will eventually be able to purchase all of the abilities on the wall so you'll never permanently miss out on anything. I'd recommend ones that modify your attacks, like the Extended Dash Range, rather than the ones that just add multipliers, at least to begin with. Once you've chosen (and you have to choose) you'll be back in the game.

Turn around and walk onto the nearby boat so that you can jump along a buoy and some gondolas to get back across the river. Defeat the first eight of nine enemies and an enemy wearing an Octopus on his head will burst out of the red doors, setting them on fire. He's a bit stronger than other enemies so avoid getting too close when he's performing the spin attack, once he tires himself out you can attack.

Once the octopus guy is dead smash the glowing remains of the red doors next to the fire, you then use the pieces to build a Dual Swords switch for Kai to use. Switch to Cole while holding the switch open to wall jump up behind it. At the top head to the right, defeat the lone enemy and build a switch which you can use to rotate the crane back into position.

Drop down and swing across to where you'll see some more enemies. Defeat the few on the ground before running up the red wall on the left side to a couple of ranged enemies. Run along the horizontal red wall run up here to some pole spins and then up to the game's first multi build. For this you have to hold a direction when building to choose between two different builds. Once you've built one smash it and build the other direction.

That'll smash the enemy ship that was blocking the path but you'll also see Lloyd blow up the bridge that led over to your mechs.

Find an alternate route to the Ninja Mechs

Jump down and next to where the bridge was is a glowing Ice Cream stand, smash it a few times until it reveals a wall run behind. Run up it and then across the horizontal one at the top before running up to the street above.

Defeat the four enemies that are just down the street to the right of where Jay has electrified the water. Once they're defeated a grapple point will be revealed just beneath some high up crates. Pull them down to get the parts to build a catapult. Before you use the catapult however first you have to load it, on the right are some red missiles, jump on one of them and roll it into the left side of the catapult. Then fire the catapult with Cole's Hammer.

When jumping up into the building you just smashed up you may well collect your first green flag, this is a Blind Bag and contains a new character for you to use in Free Play. This one in particular is Kai (Classic) which is just Kai in his classic outfit. If you miss it you don't have to replay the story, you can still just find it right here in Free Play, there are no collectables that can only be found in Story Mode.

Run up the wall inside the smashed building then jump to the left to swing to a couple of walls. Run past a couple of fans to a slope, slide down it and at the bottom you're very likely to collect your very first Ancient Scroll. These are the Red Bricks of this game, they unlock a "cheat" for you to use at any time. This one in particular is Master of Detection which unlocks the "Collectable Detector" ability which gives you arrows that point to any nearby collectables. Handy but the game already has them on the minimap in Free Play so it's not really a massive game changer, and in fact is very distracting during levels as it'll usually be pointing to collectables that are only there in Free Play.

You'll find the path across the bridge is blocked by electricity, to solve that pull open the generator on the left side of the bridge with both characters using their grapples. Unlike some other LEGO games where this would be done automatically in this game you have to actually manually start the action with both characters yourself.


On the bridge smash the glowing rickshaw for the parts to build a pad that'll launch you across the gap. After smashing down into the enemies on the other side proceed forwards and down the slope going to the left.

At the bottom you'll have to fight off a set of nine enemies, once they're gone a Piranha bot will appear and cause a bit of destruction. On your right are now some bricks for you build a way up onto the building. To use it you need to bounce off the crate of teddy bears to reach the pole spins (hold jump to keep bouncing higher). On the building smash the glowing object and build yourself a fishing rod to catch the piranha.

Return to the Secret Ninja Base

Use the parts of the smashed piranha to build a bouncy platform to get up to where the piranha was standing. Up there use your two characters to grapple the debris in order to reveal a button for Cole to hit with his Hammer. Go on through to the mechs.

Chapter Three - Lock on Garmadon

Ninjago City Crater

Shoot at the red triangle markers on Garmadon's shark mech, once all four are destroyed some crabs will climb up and start generating a shield. Circle around Garmadon shooting the crabs to take down the shield. And then shoot four more red triangles on the sides of the shark. Finish the fight off with the button pressing that the game instructs you to perform.


  • Gold Brick - Location Complete
  • Blind Bag - Kai
  • Blind Bag - Cole

Open the School to clear the way to the Ninja Base

Make your way towards the school, you can find it by going straight ahead, down to where you just fought the Piranha bot, and take a left.

Approach the front door of the school up the stairs and then run up the red wall to its right. Use the handholds to get across to the opposite end of the roof where you'll find a block to push off.

Jump down and rebuild the school bell from the pieces, you'll then need to use Cole's hammer to ring it and open the school doors.

The school is where you can find the character creator, the place where you can create your own custom characters to play as in Free Play. Each time you find a Blind Bag you'll not only unlock the character as a whole but you'll also unlock their parts to use in the creator, which means that you can recreate characters and give them whatever weapon you like.

Ringing the bell also opened a path to the left that'll take you to the next level.