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Chapter Ten - The Lost City of Generals

The Lost City of the Generals

Harness Lightning Spinjitzu

Approach the gates and use Jay's new Lightning Spinjitzu on the left target, the game will then show you the path to go to reveal the right target. Go towards the grapples and pull the wall out so you can run up it, run up again and then once more to the base of a tower with a ladder on it. Climb the ladder then use the zipline at the top to get onto the gate.

Rotate the switch on the gate to reveal the second Lightning Spinjitzu target, then jump down and hit it with the Lightning Spinjitzu.

Reach the Volcano

Go through the opened gate and head down the slope into the trench, follow the path to the left until you encounter a set of twelve enemies you must defeat.

Open the Gate

Once they're gone use Cole's Earth Spinjitzu on the side of the bridge to bring it down, wall run up to the town above and follow the blue marker to the right up a small wall run. Keep moving forwards towards a wall jump for you to jump up.

Heading to the left at the top smash some boxes next to a pile of logs to get the parts for a Hammer switch that Cole can use to blow up the dynamite behind the logs. Slide down the slope and jump at the end to grapple onto the crane and swing across onto the roof opposite, if you miss the prompt just go back up the earlier wall jump and try again.

Walk along the roof and jump over to a glowing crate that's next to a larger crate. Smash the smaller crate to build some handles on the larger crate, nwo you can push that off the roof using two characters.

Reach the Volcano

Jump down and build a drill out of the parts that have fallen on the floor, then use Lightning Spinjitzu to power it through the wall.

Defeat the Fired Army

Jump down into the trench again and continue along to a boat, use the switch on top to unleash the parts for you to build a couple of cannons. Jump in one of them and start firing at the white parts of the struts ahead. That'll collapse the platform and drop in some pillars for you to build so you can jump up them onto the collapsed platform.

Jump across the platforms in the lava and run up a wall behind some enemies, go to the left and run along a wall to a pole swing, then a rope swing, and then some pillars before going up another wall.

Head towards the giant crane and use Zane's Scanning ability to reveal a Lightning Spinjitzu target for Jay to zap. That'll spin it around to give you a way over but first you'll have to hit a target above it to release the ends so that you can actually get on.

Cross over and start working your way around the volcano, once you reach an enemy throwing bombs at you some lava will start pouring out of the side and some bits of LEGO will appear. Build that into a thin platform to get past the lava so you can attack the enemy.

Around the corner is a couple of wall runs and a rope swing and then around the next corner is some cracked LEGO to use Earth Spinjitzu on. Smashing it will knock stuff down but the stuff below is more for use in Free Play, instead continue straight on along some pillars in front of the next bit of lava. Go around the corner along the thin platforms and then up a wall. Pole spin over to a shimmy ledge (don't worry about the bursts of fire, just keep going).

After the shimmy ledge you'll see Garmadon and Lloyd in a cage being lifted up, defeat the enemies and then run up a couple of walls at the back. Up here grapple the small opening on the right to get the pieces for a Lightning Spinjitzu target. Using that will drop a skip and bring some more parts, this time to build a switch that creates a path for you to reach the ladder so you can climb up to the top.

Chapter Eleven - Escape from the City of Generals

Escape From The Volcano

Defeat the Fired Army

First up take out the eight regular enemies while avoiding the ranged attacks coming from the back, once they're gone use Garmadon to smash the red and black and glowing orange objects those ranged enemies are standing on. These are Warlord LEGO Structures and can only be smashed by a Warlord, Garmadon for example.

Once both structures are smashed the area will start to get hit by rocks from the volcano, luckily the floor will turn red where they're about to hit so you've got a handy warning to get out of the way. Avoid a few of them and the volcano will spew out three objects for you to use Lloyd's brand new Green Spinjitzu on, unlike other Spinjitzus you have to stand in a particular spot and target all three things in one go. So make sure to keep holding down the button until all three have a marker on them.

Use Garmadon to pull out the switch on the right side then switch to Cole while still holding the switch out in order to use his Hammer on the button on the left side.

Mecha Crab Revenge

Move out of the middle to avoid the damage from the Mecha Crab while you attack the regular enemies. Once all eight are gone the crab will start performing an attack that sends a shockwave out in front of it, you'll need to double jump over to avoid instant death as it approaches you. After a few blasts it'll have to rest and will expose a Lightning Spinjitzu target for you to hit.

For the second part of the fight a set of eight enemies will attack and then again the crab will jump into the middle before jumping back. His attack once the regular enemies are defeated this time will be an arc attack rather than a shockwave, just stand towards the back to avoid getting hit. It'll quickly expose another Lightning Spinjitzu target for you to zap.

The third part will again begin with another set of eight enemies, stay out of the middle again. Avoid more shockwaves and then this time use Cole's Earth Spinjitzu to finish the crab off.

The final part of the chapter will involve you attacking enemies while more rocks fall onto the arena, just keep attacking until they're all gone (it says 4 but they'll keep reappearing for a while). The rocks will eventually drop some large clumps of LEGO for you to use Lloyd's Green Spinjitzu on.


Get into the weird flying vehicle to finish the chapter.


Travel to The Unclimbable Mountain

And then... get into the same flying vehicle again to actually go to the next level.