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Please be aware that this page is based on the original PlayStation 2 version of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, there are some small differences compared to LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.


When you've finished the story and collected 60 Gold Bricks in LEGO Star Wars II you can build a golden object outside the Cantina, it forms a doorway to the mysterious LEGO City.

Much like the Character Bonus levels your goal here is to collect 1 Million Studs, but unlike them it isn't limited by time and there are no enemies around to hinder you. There are also only slightly more than enough studs in the level so you have to do pretty much everything. Below you will find a map of the level as well as a list of all of the stud sources.

Although there is no Gold Brick rewarded at the end of it you do still get a small percentage increase when you win, so completing this level is necessary for getting 100% completion.

LEGO City Map

Source Location Studs
Use the Force on flowerbeds and then smash them H5 15,500
Destroy all the trees - 136,070
Smash all the fences - 83,720
Plant all the seeds - 6,400
Destroy cottage I1 26,400
Build tractor at cottage I1 5,000
Follow path while driving tractor I1 17,000
Build wind turbines H2 20,000
Smash lampposts after building the turbines - 85,400
Loose on the Police Station F1 14,000
Use the Force on Police Station doors and windows F1 13,200
Smash items at Police Station F1 25,800
Assemble LEGO letters with the Force C1-E1 8,000
Destroy house near LEGO sign C2 40,800
Loose inside house near LEGO sign C2 4,000
Assemble mini version of house near LEGO sign C2 20,000
Blow up blockage in front of Landspeeder B1 1,700
Loose inside house filled with trees A3 6,000
Smash all trees inside house to rebuild it A3 48,000
Loose inside house that flies apart A4 6,000
Blow up Silver LEGO inside house that flies apart A4 20,000
Build car from Silver LEGO A4 20,000
Drive orange car from Silver LEGO along path A4 50,000
Smash bus stop sign and chairs C5 6,800
Awaken flowers in tree patch B7-B8 10,000
Use the Force on tower windows E6 3,600
Smash hole next to tower E6 900
Loose on top of the tower, jump off back of a Dewback or Tauntaun E6 1,000
Build fluttercraft from the hole, Fire Station garage, the floor, and the roof of tower E6 30,000
Use the Force on Fire Station windows F6 19,800
Loose in the Fire Station F6 2,000
Smash windows on Fire Station garage roofs F6 15,200
Loose on the slide I7 14,000
Loose next to the swings J7 4,000
Blow up Silver LEGO near roundabout J6 2,600
Build rotation switch from Silver LEGO J6 550
Blow up red roofed house I3 34,000
Loose inside red roofed house I3 6,000
Smash black roofed house H3 48,000
Loose inside black roofed house H3 6,000
Loose on the road near tiled house E4 7,000
Smash bins outside tiled house F4 600
Build car from bins F4 20,000
Drive white car from bins along path F4 37,000
Blow up tiled house F3 20,000
Follow path while riding a Tauntaun E3 41,000
TOTAL 1,003,040

It should not be possible to mess up and be left unable to complete the level, if you haven't got the million then there's something you've missed. For me it's usually the skylights on top of the Fire Station.