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Chapter Fourteen - Return to Ninjago City

Ninjago City Downtown

Reach the Downtown District

Straight ahead is a blockage on the beach, use some Fire Spinjitzu on the Gold LEGO stairs of the lifeguard post to destroy it and clear the way. A few enemies will arrive, defeat them and then use Earth Spinjitzu on the cracked LEGO wall behind them.

Beyond the wall you'll see a green spot where Lloyd can use his Green Spinjitzu on the three nearby objects in order to build a spinning disc machine. Use Jay's Flail to activate it in order to break the pier so you can jump up it.

In front of the car showroom is a dumpster that's glowing, smash it to get the parts to build on the nearby rickshaw. Use Lightning Spinjitzu on the back of it to smash the glass on the showroom. The rickshaw will smash as well allowing you to use the parts to build a Flail switch next to the race car that's turning around. Use Green Spinjitzi on the sports car, the tracks on the sign above the showroom, and on the crashed plane under the bridge to build a vehicle.

Use Kai's Dual Swords to activate it and free the trapped citizens. Wall run up to above where those citizens were trapped and jump over the gap in the bridge.

Unblock the Monorail

Take a left through a few enemies and wall run over the gap to where there's a red AC unit that's glowing. Smash it to get the parts for you to build a Dual Swords switch. After you've done that finish off the task with Earth Spinjitzu.


Jump over the pillars that have appeared and head into the monorail tunnel. Wall run up the first wall and you'll encounter some enemies. Defeat the four of them to get the next wall to appear then approach the door at the end of the tunnel that got shut. There's a multibuild in front of it, build one side then wait for the red dot to turn green before quickly smashing it. Build the other side and do the same there. With both green the door will open.

Follow the road along to the monorail station so you can attack the enemies there. Once you've defeated them continue on to the right to an area with some scaffolding in in.

Rescue the Firemen

Go towards that scaffolding and start wall running up the righthand side. At the top zipline over to a large satellite dish where you'll be shown a precariously balancing fire engine. Wall run up the right to where there's a Gold LEGO water tower, Fire Spinjitzu it into pieces so you can push the pylon along the tracks and off the edge. Once that's down have Lloyd use his Green Spinjitzu on the satellite dishes and the pylon in order to save the fire engine.


That is your final Ninjanuity Token, you should now have all of the abilities unlocked and also be rewarded the Master of Endurance Ancient Scroll which gives you Invincibility. Just in time to walk up the arm to finish the story. Uh yeah... that's it. The end!


Epilogue - Destroy Ninjago City!

Destroy Ninjago City

To slightly make up for that flat ending, after the credits there's a bonus level where you wander around a miniature version of Ninjago City smashing it to pieces. It's a nice place to get lots of studs if you can manage to keep the combo going and is a great place to return to later to quickly complete the True Ninja meter.

To complete the level you must reach 100% destruction, that's not quite everything in the level but it nearly is. Aside from just smashing buildings there are a few points where you can build volcanoes which will boost your destruction percentage a little.