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Chapter Seven - The Uncrossable Jungle

The Uncrossable Jungle

Cross the Jungle

Head forwards to run up the yellow wall and then follow the path until you reach a gate. On the right side is a raised platform that has an object on it you can push off.

The bricks that fall out of the object can be used to build a Staff switch for Master Wu to use and turn. Follow the monkey, you'll have to switch to Lloyd in order to chop down the vines that are blocking the path ahead. Careful not to walk off the edge of the wooden platform on the other side as there's quicksand you can fall into and you'll immediately die if you do. Wall run along the left jumping over to the right side when the jump button prompt appears and then jump again to a rope swing down to the ground at the end.

After a quick look back at Ninjago City you'll encounter some enemies having a BBQ. Once you've taken them out the top of a pillar in the water will start glowing to indicate that you can grapple it. Use two characters to pull it down so you've got a way up to the stone door above.

Learn Spinjitzu

Time to use some of Master Wu's Spinjitzu to hit the red marker on the right side of the door, you hold down the Spinjitzu button and then move the reticule around with the Left Analog stick so that it causes a marker to appear on the target, let go of the Spinjitzu button to shoot it. Once you've flipped it around to the green side start climbing up the wall on the left of the area, up there you'll find a glowing table that contains the parts to a Spear switch for Nya to use in order to dislodge the large boulder.

The boulder will fall down smashing the statue below, build the second Spinjitzu switch out of the parts and have Master Wu activate it to open the doors.

Cross the Jungle

Slide down the muddy slope and attack a few more enemies that have just built themselves a boombox. To cross the water jump on the large green lilypads in the water. You'll reach a wall with a glowing yellow crack, this is where Cole will learn his Earth Spinjitzu.

Harness Earth Spinjitzu

The same buttons are used as with Master Wu's Spinjitzu, target the cracked LEGO wall with Cole's Earth Spinjitzu to smash it open.

Cross the Jungle

There's a few enemies inside, once you've beaten them up smash open a glowing chest at the back to get the parts to build a Hammer button for Cole to whack. That will dislodge a ball on the wall that will begin rolling down a track, it'll get stuck partway along but you can use Spinjitzu to hit the target where it stops to get it moving again. Repeat for a second target a little further down and the ball will reach the bottom and open the door for you.

Reach the outside again and turn the wheel there to raise up some pillars so that you can cross the river. Run up the wall of the little building, jump to the red bar, and then walk up the series of ropes that are attached to the platforms. At the top there's a zipline down to a bridge that some enemies will retract.

Use Earth Spinjitzu to dislodge a boulder in the wall, like the small ball you'll then have to hit a target to get it rolling further along but this target pops out of the wall. Hit the same target a couple more times to get the ball all the way across so that it raises the bridge back up for you.

After crossing the bridge and taking out a few enemies head to the right over some pillars and rope swings to a wooden platform that collapses when you land on it. Climb up the handholds on the fallen bridge to get up to the top. Wind your way up along the path past an area that requires 40 Gold Bricks to enter in Free Play, just past that is a slope to go up and then go over another wooden bridge.

Some more quicksand, jump across a couple of pillars and rope swings to cross it to get to where you see the monkey again. Cross the large river of quicksand by using the platforms floating in it and follow the path around to another skull and crossbones sign with a hut on stilts that has a cracked LEGO side to it. Use Cole to smash the hut and create some pillars that you can use to jump across.

There are some enemies here playing a game of volleyball, take them out and then jump up the wall jump just past them to start climbing the old dojo tower above. Pole swing to some bars you have to shimmy along around the corner, then back jump to a second smaller bar section which you shimmy around and back jump to a wall jump. That'll take you up to a balcony above.

Climb up the drainpipe and jump to the left along the handholds before climbing another drainpipe. Jump to the right and go around the corner, jump along the pillars around the corner straight onto a zipline that'll take you down through a hollow tree.

Take out the enemies here then use the handholds on the tree to grab hold of a bar that'll reveal some cracked LEGO at the top of the tree. Hit that with Cole's Earth Spinjitzu to knock the tree over to form a bridge. Cross the bridge.

Chapter Eight - Battle of the Masters

The Uncrossable Jungle

Defeat Garmadon

Time for a quick battle with Garmadon (the game sometimes seems to just not bother telling you that this is Chapter 8 but it is). He's much like the other tougher enemies you've fought, avoid him when he is glowing red and attack at other points. Once his first third of health is depleted he'll retreat up onto a pillar at the end of the bridge where you can't reach him. He'll send in a few regular enemies to attack you, once all seven are defeated Garmadon will jump back in.

When he does jump back down he'll set the bridge on fire a little and cause a section of it to drop so make sure not to be standing on the part that shakes. Wait until the bridge reforms, another piece will collapse, wait again until it reforms and the fire goes out and you can resume your attack on Garmadon.

Another seven regular enemies will be sent out after the second third of health is removed, once they're gone Garmadon will again repeat the fire and bridge collapsing bit. After two collapses the fire will go out and you can finish Garmadon off.


  • Gold Brick - Location Complete
  • Spinjitzu Mastered
  • Earth Spinjitzu Mastered
  • Blind Bag - Cole (Unmasked)
  • Blind Bag - Lloyd (Unmasked)