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Prologue - The Training Dojo

The Master's Dojo

Complete Master Wu's Training

The game begins with a quick tutorial section, first you must learn "The Art of the Striking Rabbit", the name for the most basic attack in the game. Walk up to the training dummy and press the Attack button. Repeat on the other dummies that pop up to complete this first part of your training.

The Art of the Rushing Boar is up next, this is similar except that you are moving towards the target when you press the Attack button. You can see when you're able to perform it by the outline appearing on the dummy.

The Art of the Floating Butterfly is a jumping air attack, jump up and press the Attack button while still in the air. After taking out the first two dummies two rows of three dummies will drop in, you can chain your attack so that you attack each of the three in turn without touching the ground. Take out another six to get to the next move.

The Art of the Swooping Hawk is a double jump ground attack, you jump again while still in the air and then press the Attack button before you land to smash down into your enemy. It has a wide area of effect so can damage multiple enemies at a time.

The Art of the Stinging Bee will complete your training, attack the dazed enemies by rapidly tapping the Attack button.


That will unlock the "Wall of Ninjanuity" for you to start using, this is where you use the Ninjanuity tokens that you earn throughout the game to purchase upgrades for your abilities. The game forces you to choose the Art of the Skyward Dragon with your first token. This is a new attack that lets you launch enemies into the air so you can perform more attacks on them.

You'll then have to perform the Art of the Skyward Dragon, press the Spinjitzu Attack button to knock the dummy into the air and then rapidly tap the regular Attack button to attack it in the air.

Time for some actual combat, four enemies will run in and it is your task to defeat them using the attacks you have learnt. A second wave will attack where you'll be able to use the Skyward Dragon attack. The third wave adds armoured enemies that you need to use the Swooping Hawk double jump and smash attack to damage. A fourth wave is made up entirely of armoured enemies.

Defeat the Chicken Master

Then it's onto the main point of this training, to defeat the Chicken Master. This guy will actually put up a little bit of a fight so get out of the way when he turns red to avoid getting hit. Otherwise just keep using your attacks to damage him until he falls over defeated.


  • Gold Brick - Dojo Complete