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Bonus Levels

Young Indy

Once you've fully completed three of the Artefacts (they all need to be legitimately found, purchasing missing pieces won't count) you will be able to enter the first bonus level. This is based on the opening sequence from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and, as the name suggests, features a young Indiana Jones.

But not so fast, you must also complete a quick task before you can start any of the bonus levels.

Go to Indy's Office in Barnett College and blow up the Silver LEGO circles propped up against the wall to find a buried chest. Carry it to the middle of the room where there are five green plates each waiting for a chest.

The other four chests are found by: solving the hieroglyphics at the back, by high jumping onto the ledge at the back, by screaming at or blowing up the glass tent, and by talking to the Thuggee statue and crawling through the hatch it reveals. You may need to wander around the college to find characters you've unlocked with the abilities required but usually they'll wander in on their own.

Once you've gathered all five chests together you'll be able to build an object that you can then smash to get a key. Pick the key up and head to the Artefact Room. In the middle of the room you should find a jewel that you can place on the pedestal. That will reveal some gears for you to use your key on. Once you turn the key the holes will no longer have a grate covering them so you can jump on in.

Now for the level itself. Go to the right ignoring the buried glowing LEGO to defeat a trio of enemies. Jump onto the rope beyond them and swing across to the next platform.

Here you'll find a whole new load of enemies and, if you go into the cave at the back, you can find a shovel. You'll have to use Young Indy to jump over the pit of snakes as the Boy Scout (aka Herman) is afraid of them.

Swing on the rope back to the start and dig up that blue LEGO, the floor will collapse slightly and reveal a key for you to pick up. Back across the rope again use the key to open the door then jump along the platforms from rope to rope then up some handholds to get outside.

Grab the shovel by the horse paddock if you've lost it in order to dig up the crate just to the left of the paddock. Place that on the green plates then samsh the nearby cart to get the second crate.

After building the rope jump onto it to dislodge a key you can use to open the paddock and go in.

Move along the train going to the right. Defeat a couple of enemies before leaping to the next carriage and then to a third with a couple of giraffes poking out. Jump down onto the ledge running along the front of the giraffe carriage then jump to the next flatbed where another couple of enemies will engage.

Climb up onto the top of the next car and smash all the crates. From the pieces reassemble the chequered track and shove the remaining crate along it. Follow it in.

Indy now has his fear of snakes so grab a flaming torch off the wall before you go up the ladder and attempt to get by the snakes. In the next room grab a whip off the wall and approach the lion. Use the whip on him three times to open the door behind him.

Smash the Punch and Judy show to find your first crate of magenta LEGO. The second is in the large box to the left of the green plate, and the third is in the box at the back on the right. Build the magic box and jump in to finish the level.

Character Unlocks
-Young Indy
-Boy Scout

You will also unlock Free Play mode for this level but there's nothing to collect in it, it's just for fun.

Ancient City

The Ancient City unlocks when you've completed a total of 9 Artefacts.

The idea of this bonus level may be familiar to you if you've played the LEGO City bonus level from LEGO Star Wars II. You run around smashing and rebuilding a set number of things trying to earn yourself 1,000,000 studs. The catch is that there is only slightly more than enough studs available to meet the goal meaning you'll have to scour the level to get just about every single one.

There are no characters or parcels unlocked for completing this level, you simply get 1% added to your total on completion no matter how long you took. So yes, this is necessary for earning 100%.

Ancient City Map

Starting position E4.

Source Location Studs
Defeat the three spadesmen at the station E3 3,330
Blow up the station E3 11,400
Smash the palm trees and furniture at the crocodile pond F4 20,200
Kill the crocodile F4 1,110
Build the strange unflyable flying vehicle F4 1,000
Smash rocks on top of panel H5 5,900
Push spinner and smash all the terracotta warriors H5 20,400
Place crystals in crate H5 5,000
Put crate on cart, light cart’s rocket I6 40,000
Open the guard post door to find studs inside J4 2,220
Rotate fan to reveal Petra I2 5,550
Smash the ground in front of Petra J3 8,400
Go inside Petra J3 42,060
Rotate fan further to reveal a LEGO logo I2 3,650
Replace tiles on LEGO logo I2 27,500
Smash Stonehenge H1 95,800
Smash the fence around Stonehenge H2 40,800
Defeat swordsmen and shovelman at Stonehenge G2 5,550
Smash the Stonehenge admissions booth G2 12,500
Dig under the Stonehenge admissions booth G2 2,500
Build a LEGO O G2 9,000
Go through the metal detector while carrying metal and a guard will appear G2 1,110
Plant the orange seeds at Stonehenge G1 31,210
Take the rickshaw for a spin G1 30,000
Assemble the lower half of the Sphinx’s head E1 10,000
Crawl through access hatch beneath Sphinx to pull lever E1 26,720
Assemble the rest of the Sphinx head E1 35,000
Stand on the two red platforms to knock the Spinx’s head off E1 20,000
High jump into room on the wall B1 2,550
Smash the glass in the tomb B1 18,000
Whip swing across and high jump to grab B1 3,000
Fix the broken oil derrick C2 2,800
Fix the broken oil derrick again C2 6,300
Build a LEGO E C2 9,000
Assemble the ribs on the dinosaur A4 11,500
Throw dynamite down the hole and then smash the floor B5 48,760
Assemble the dinosaur tail B5 15,000
Assemble the dinosaur head A5 8,500
Carry the dinosaur head up its back to place it B4 11,110
Repair the red and yellow mosaic D5 5,000
Smash the columns D5 33,000
Blow up the Silver LEGO building D6 14,900
Smash the floor near the Silver LEGO building D6 22,630
Build a LEGO G D6 9,000
Ride the motorbike (or the camel) G6 29,000
Successfully complete the race by going through all the gates quickly, use the boost
(the camel can make it as well)
E2 43,220
Inside the hole that opens after winning the race D3 3,330
Build a LEGO L D3 25,000
Smash bricks blocking a hatch in the hole D3 1,200
Crawl through hatch D3 6,440
Collect all the loose studs scattered around the map - 43,210
Smash all the plants, rocks, crates, and barrels around the level - 123,220
Total 1,013,580



Unlocked after completing all 18 Artefacts.

This one's just for fun, the "goal" of collecting 1,000,000 studs (or for some reason 712,020 studs on subsequent visits) is completed by blasting the target on the right side of the level, save that for when you're bored of the level. Which probably won't take long as whatever it is they were trying to do with this level didn't really work.

The apparent main point of this level is to create your own race track. There are 24 green circles and 27 glowing track boxes (no idea why there aren't enough) that you can place and then rotate to form your own custom track. Once you've placed a piece of track you cannot pick it up to move it to a different spot so be sure you want each piece where you place it. There are seven corners, eight u-turns, and eight straight pieces.

Here's a very rough tool you can use to plan your layout:

Also in the level are crates containing weapons to play around with and obstacles that you can add to your course like cones, barriers, hoops, and ramps. You can use the barriers and ramps to bridge the gaps between the sections as otherwise all you'll be able to create are three small separate tracks instead of one large one.

The levers at the bottom of the large girders will change your camera angle, pulling the one on the far left will zoom out the furthest while the one on the far right is really close. There's a selection of vehicles to choose from, although only the motorbikes are really suitable for driving around the course.

And that's about it. Even if you did want to do the level properly there aren't enough studs around to get anywhere near the goal without having to hit the target a lot. The level doesn't save your track for you to return to later and you don't get to keep the studs you've earned after you leave. So... err... congrats on completing LEGO Indiana Jones!