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Chapter Four - Garmadon Returns

Ninjago City Beach

Defend the City

Forwards to the enemies, take them out and then use Nya's Spear on the Ice Cream truck to prise it open. From the parts that spill out build a sonic cannon on top of the truck, then use Zane's Sharpshooting to hit the target to activate it. With the front of the shop smashed you can go inside to run up the yellow wall.

On the roof a window cleaning cradle will explode, exposing a target for you to shoot. Some more LEGO will drop out that'll fix up a sign so that you can walk along the thin top of it to jump over to the other side of the street.

As Zane stand in the cloud of 1s and 0s to use his Scanning ability, a circle will appear and sections of it will quickly flash. Watch the short pattern and then repeat it with the Analog Stick to pass the sequence. That'll reveal a target on the top of the head sign for you to shoot to smash down onto the enemy below it. Slide down the slope behind it to reach a set of five enemies, after defeating them another five will turn up.

After you've defeated this group of enemies the gate on the right will get damaged, use both characters to grapple it open.

Defend the Harbour

Jump down the steps to a few enemies hanging out on the wooden area below. After clearing them run up the red wall at the back on the left. There's a Spear switch here for Nya to use, that'll turn the electricity off so you can walk along the thin set of tiles crossing the area. On the other side pole swing to the left and jump onto a drainpipe.

Slide down the drainpipe and some enemies will attack, after that approach the fire blocking your path over the bridge. To your right you should find a green van with a crab on top of it that has two grapple points on its side, pull them to get the pieces for a multi-build. Build the right-hand build first to fill the water tanks on the truck then smash it and build the left build which will spray the water onto the fire for you.

Cross the bridge and you'll see some enemies fly overhead. Just past the bridge on the left side is a red shipping container with a grapple point on it, pull it to spill some bricks out. There's also a Gold Brick inside there to pick up if you like. You can't open the yellow one here in story mode so just ignore it. Next to the next fire ahead is a green shipping container with a Spear switch on the front, tap it open to get the second set of bricks. And the third lot of bricks is found by shooting the two targets above the hanging boat, use Zane's ranged attack to do that.

With all three sets of bricks released you can now assemble a pair of turrets (the second one is for a co-op partner) for you to use to shoot down the 10 flying enemies. Shooting the last one will open the way back over the bridge.

Reach the Mechs

Just back over the bridge you'll encounter a group of enemies being dropped off, take them out then go left under the collapsed archway. Continue to the left to get out onto the wooden pier. It'll collapse as you get to the end so make sure to jump when you start sliding. Defeat the enemies on the boat you land on then jump off the back of it onto another boat with another couple of goons on it, and from there jump along a set of buoys to reach a third.

From there it's onto some more wooden pier heading towards land again. You'll end up on the other side of where was blocked by fire earlier. There's a closed gate ahead, to open it you must first smash the glowing jet-ski and then assemble the two multi-builds, leaving the first one active long enough to unlock half of the gate before you smash it and build the other side.

Defend the Beach

Now we're finally on the beach, there's a 20 enemy counter that has popped up so get to attacking all the enemies you can see. More will arrive as you start whittling down that number, every five enemies or so. Once you've taken out the required 20 a ship will crash into the blockage on the beach to let you through.

Mecha Crab

Time to face a mini-boss. Attacking the mecha crab requires you to dodge out of the way when it charges at you and then for you to wait for it to rest, at that point several of its legs will turn green which means you can attack it. When it gets back up just keep dodging its attacks until it decides to charge again, then attack its remaining legs to finish it off.


Hop up the smashed pier's posts to get to the mechs.

Chapter Five - The Ultimate Weapon

Ninjago City Skyline

And for the second time we're back in the air using Lloyd and Jay's mechs instead of doing anything with the two we just spent a whole chapter reaching. Fly along the set course shooting at the enemies who pop up in front of you along the way, you'll need to shoot 15 of the flying ones to finish the first section of the chapter. You can pretty much just complete this by wiggling the stick around shooting the whole time, no need to even pay attention.

Once you finish the first section you'll reach a fight with Garmadon. To damage him you'll first have to take out all of the smaller ships that are creating the red shield around him, slowly circle around him shooting them. And you're done.


  • Gold Brick - Location Complete
  • Blind Bag - Nya
  • Blind Bag - Zane